After recently confessing to raping a young woman back in 1984, 42-year-old William Beebe is set to be released after serving six months of an 18 month sentence.

In November of last year, Beebe pled guilty to one count of aggravated sexual battery for attacking Liz Seccuro at a frat party at the University of Virginia. Virginia abolished parole for all crimes committed after 1994, but since this crime occurred ten years earlier, Beebe is a candidate for early release and is set to walk out of jail on September 17.

Beebe instigated his own arrest when he wrote an apology letter to Seccuro in 2005. The letter was part of treatment in the Alcoholics Anonymous recovery program that he was undergoing. Back then, Seccuro was known as Liz Schimpf. She was only 17-years-old at the time and a freshman at the University of Virginia. On October 5, 1984, she attended a frat party where a substance was slipped into her drink, and Beebe, a fellow student, grabbed her arm, dragged her into his room, and raped her. She had fought him and even tried to escape, but another partygoer threw her back into the room with Beebe. She even questioned whether others had raped her that night but could not be sure.

Seccuro was 40 and living in Greenwich, Connecticut when she received Beebe’s letter of apology. She was so confused by the letter that she decided to write back and ask for a motive for his apology. He wrote her back and told her of his struggle with alcoholism due to the guilt that followed from what he did to her. The two exchanged e-mails for two months while she told him about how the rape had effected her life and how alcohol effected his. She eventually began to realize that his version of the story was much different from hers and that his apology was not legitimate. On December 5, 2005, she called Charlottesville Police Chief Tom Longo to report her rapist to authorities.

Beebe was charged with rape and object sexual penetration and was facing life in prison. He pled guilty to the lesser charge of aggravated sexual battery which reduced his sentence to two years in prison. Since her re-encounter with Bebee, Securro formed STARS, Sisters Together Assisting Rape Survivors. The organization raises money for rape victims and their families. She has also gone public with her story to help other sexual assault victims like herself. Because of her, they may not have to wait as long as she did for their rapists to be captured.

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