I recently changed from Windows to Ubuntu (Linux) on my computer and so have been doing a lot of searching on my system to see how it works.

Usually I browse YouTube for humor, no big deal. But awhile back, I was able to download the BBC version of Attenborough’s classic nature film from Google Video. We liked it so much that we had our daughter send us the entire series for my husband’s birthday.

So while exploring, I went to the Google Video top 100 home page to see if I could download stuff on Linux without my Google Video player, and found that the “top 100” page was all pornography. And not just “debbie does Dallas” but hard core stuff. Indeed, a lot of them say “Hard core” just so you know what you are getting…ten minutes of hard core and a link to their porn site.

Now, to be truthful, not ALL the top 100 are hard core porn. We have this one:

Snake vomits up hippopotamus

Ah, just what I always wanted to see: a semi digested hippopotamus.
And there was one with Arabic writing that I was afraid to open in case it was a beheading. This puzzled me, since I had the “English” filter on.
They also had the first hour of “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Gold” posted, with the complaint that you had to go to his website to see part II because Google took it off.

Now, since my kids grew up, I haven’t put filters on my computer. They block too many medical sites, and I’m a big girl. But I put on the “medium” filter, and found it did not block the search. So I put on the “strong” filter, and still got “hot girls making out” and the rest.

So much for filters.

But it makes me wonder if Google doesn’t need an editor. If they want to place porn, they need a “porn” link for their X rated stuff, or make filters that actually work,
not just let anyone surf it.

And why are they essentially allowing private porn companies to use their site for free advertising? If I were a Google shareholder, I’d ask them why they don’t charge.

So then I went on and searched for BBC. Aha. Number one was a three minute short on a bird call. But a lot of the rest had little or nothing to do with the BBC…and they included a lot of conspiracy theories.

So I filtered it to BBC Attenborough, and voila…lots of bird calls.

Next step, filter for “over 20 minutes”, and voila, two nice half hour films that I was looking for.

Next I checked to find a film about the increase in anti Semitism that aired on one of the BBC stations last week.

Googling “BBC ANTI SEMITISM” got…a bunch of Anti semitic films.

Yup. David Duke, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and conspiracy theories proving the bad zionists control America, were behind 911 and the war in Iraq. And all these films were in English, and again many had little or nothing to do with the BBC.

Googling just “anti Semitism” got a grab bag of illiterate home made movies, but at least one said that it was an expose to warn Jews what was going on.

Well, I was still looking for the BBC expose, so looked up the title, which was War on British Jews. Googling that one got me two films exposing anti Semitism and the rest nonsense.

(remember: I googled only English with the “family” filter on).

So I narrowed my search to films longer than 20 minutes and got a bunch of “mossad behind 9-11” films and some Charles Rose interviews from PBS.

By adding “BBC” to the search and by limiting the films to over 20 mintues, I got rid of Charlie Rose and got Chomsky instead, but again most of the films were about Jewish conspiracies.

So, figuring I should go for broke, I took off my filters and googled “Anti semitic hot girls” and got:

Followed by the “mossad 9-11 conspiracy” films. Guess the Mossad used hot girls and reptiles to help the Masons set the explosives to bring down the twin towers or something as part of a satanic ritual.
However, to my delight, down at number six: Famous Jewish Women.
My husband Lolo was disappointed, they all had their clothes on. He may be 81, but he still likes to look at nice looking women.
Actually, it was a nice short film with a bunch of beautiful women, mostly movie stars.
So in summary, somewhere on Google there is probably the BBC report on the rise of Anti Semitism in the UK. I’ll have to keep looking.
But if I were Jewish, I’d be very very worried.
Like blogs, there’s a lot of overwrought stuff out there, but the bad news is that there ia an awful lot of it aimed at Israel.
Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. Her website is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket.
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