In a move that has aroused much attention in the German capital, American pharmaceutical giant and firm Pfizer now plans to erect its European headquarters in Berlin. Elevated expectations were raised when word triggered speculation that Pfizer would be pulling out of its current Karlsruhe location and begin pumping in millions here instead.

Taking a rigid stand upon the stiff criticism raised by inflamed Baden-Württemberg politicians disappointed with the company’s hard stand, Pfizer officials defended their upright decision to move north as a way to fire up Pfizer’s standing in an already over-excited bull market.

Although already quite dominant in the pharmaceutical industry sector, Berlin’s Mayor Klaus Wowereit said that his city will be more than happy to be on the receiving end of Pfizer’s energetic investment plans, and this despite whether they plan to build a high-rise here or not.

Man muss hier ein Bisschen Größe zeigen.

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