By Honey Gillard 

Imagine using a dictionary to understand your date? 

Might sound strange but that is exactly what Australian singer Tina Arena done. 

Arena and her French now-husband Vincent Mancini had to use a dictionary to communicate when they started dating, as neither could speak the other’s language. 

Arena, who is currently starring in the London West End production spectacular of ‘Chicago’, has revealed that there was “instant chemistry” between the pair, though there was a communication barrier which they had to overcome. 

She says, “We had an instant rapport, though Vincent spoke little English and I spoke little French.” 

“Despite that, we knew we had things to say to each other and we spend the next few days getting to know each other – with the help of French-English dictionaries.” 

Well there’s some plug time for translation dictionaries. Haha 

I guess it just shows that you can overcome anything and love turns up in the most spontaneous place, you just have got to be open to the possibility – if it’s really love it can move mountains, or in this case language barriers. ;) 

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Sources: Starpulse

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