Joe Francis Mugshot

Joe Francis, creator of the Girl’s Gone Wild video empire and dorkiest millionaire pornagrapher ever, was arrested today in Florida at the airport for a criminal contempt of court warrant.  Francis had been ordered to turn himself in and was supposedly on his way to doing so but was recognized by eagle-eyed airport police before he reached the Marshall’s Office.  I guess the guys in blue didn’t think the girls were wild enough in Francis’ last video.  Anyway, The warrant sprung from him allegedly changing the settlement deal of a 2003 lawsuit where seven women had accused him of victimizing them by filming them in sexual situations while they were on spring break in Panama City.

Joe was booked at the Bay County Jail where he seemed exceedingly pleased with himself (see above mugshot).  I guess knowing that making $29 million a year really does make you happy no matter what; however, you’d think that it would buy you someone who’d educate you on not pissing off federal judges and getting arrested in airports….or having hair like a chimpanzee….or a nose as big as Everest….maybe I should be glad to have only .50 cents in my checking account.

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