The President started off this week’s address with a Passover and Easter greeting, not for those who celebrate the holiday, but for, “people around the world.” Once again this is just a bit of insight in the religious thinking of this administration, Christians & Jews are good, but Muslims are bad. He might not have intended to give that impression, but it is the one he gave.

Then the president got down to the business of criticizing the Democrats for not sending him a war funding bill that does not include a call to withdraw the troops from Iraq. “Sixty-one days have passed since I sent Congress an emergency war spending bill to provide the funds our troops urgently need. But instead of approving that vital funding, Democrats in Congress have spent the past 61 days working to pass legislation that would substitute the judgment of politicians in Washington for the judgment of our generals in the field.”

“In both the House and Senate, Democratic majorities have passed bills that would impose restrictions on our military commanders, set an arbitrary date for withdrawal from Iraq, and fund domestic spending that has nothing to do with the war. The Democrats who passed these bills know that I will veto either version if it reaches my desk, and they know my veto will be sustained. Yet they continue to pursue the legislation. And now the process is on hold for two weeks, until the full Congress returns to session,” Bush said.

Did Bush just take a shot at the Democrats for going on vacation? This is a president who on August 19, 2005 broke Ronald Reagan’s record for most vacation days in 36 years. Bush spent his 336th day on vacation in 2005. Bush did in four years, what it took the much older Reagan eight years to do. Think about this, Ronald Reagan, and man in his 70’s, worked more days as president than George W. Bush has. I believe that when there is a war going on, the nation deserves a president who will skip a few vacations and work in the office. I’ll bet that if there was a war going on Reagan or his people would have been smart enough to stay in Washington. We will leave Clinton out of this discussion, because he was a workaholic who only took 152 days off in eight years.

“I recognize that Democrats are trying to show their current opposition to the war in Iraq. They see the emergency war spending bill as a chance to make that statement. Yet for our men and women in uniform, this emergency war spending bill is not a political statement, it is a source of critical funding that has a direct impact on their daily lives,” Bush said. He is trying to play the give me my bill, or troops will die card. The Democrats should listen to the president, because if anyone knows how to get troops killed for political reasons, it is George W. Bush. The next part of the address was a verbatim retelling of the administration’s argument for sending the president the bill he wants a.s.a.p., so we’ll moving to end portion of his address.

“The full Congress will not be back from spring vacation until the week of April 16th. That means the soonest the House and Senate could get a bill to my desk will be sometime late this month, after the adverse consequences for our troops and their families have already begun. For our troops, the clock is ticking. If the Democrats continue to insist on making a political statement, they should send me their bill as soon as possible. I will veto it, and then Congress can go to work on a good bill that gives our troops the funds they need, without strings and without further delay.”

“We have our differences in Washington, D.C., but our troops should not be caught in the middle. All who serve in elected office have a solemn responsibility to provide for our men and women in uniform. We need to put partisan politics aside, and do our duty to those who defend us,” the president said. The president is correct when he says that the troops should not be caught in the middle, but each body of Congress did their duty. They passed a funding bill. It is the president who doesn’t like the final bill that will be coming to his desk. The problem here for Bush is that a large majority of the American people support the Democrats on this issue. We are quickly reaching the point in public opinion where people aren’t going to care how it gets is done, they want the troops home, and they holding President Bush responsible for keeping their loved ones in Iraq.

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