[Another manifest feature of the neocons’ madness in pursuit of Middle East dominance is their total lack of understanding of the U.S. military machine that they had planned to use to overturn regimes and staff permanent U.S. military bases scattered about over there.

Per the detailed Monitor report below, our military is at the breaking point.  One dreads what will be the outcome if we are hit again by disasters at home — the hurricanes predicted for this summer or some major terrorist venture into mass destruction of one of our major cities — presumably NYC or DC.  With our military breaking down over there, we are left terribly unprotected here at home.

I no longer take subway trips to Brooklyn, but from 9/11 (when at first I smelled each day for several months the burning debris of the former World Trade Center as my trains passed it by) through the fall semester just passed, I have observed a subway system wide open to any and all who wished to enter it with large sized boxes or suitcases quite sufficient to blow up trains in tunnels or at other strategic spots.  Only the recorded voices disturbing our peace and quiet urged us to report anything suspicious to police or transit personnel.  During my rides I rarely saw a policeman and the booth was closed down where I entered the subway so that anyone with anything could readily have entered there and taken a choice of rides unnoticed to Grand Central or Penn Station.

I assume in Israel at least the IDF covers such security spots.  Only in America are we bereft of any real security.  9/11 II presumably is all too likely an event down the line  — possibly to be scheduled when Bush is raking sagebrush out there in Crawford again?  We desperately need a president with real smarts — of whichever party!  Ed Kent]


Is US Army bent to the breaking point?
If retention rates of US military personnel begin to weaken, it could take years to reverse the trend. By Gordon Lubold

“A war is just if there is no alternative, and the resort to arms is legitimate if they represent your last hope.” (Livy cited by Machiavelli)

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