PANORAMA with ‘Bulfaaleh’-Is President Jammeh still a married man? How about the Saudi Businessman?


President Jammeh’s marriage is it alright or shaking?
This year’s Independence celebrations compared to last year’s was like comparing the deadly silence at Banjul cemetry to the noise at Albert Market. There are tongues talking about every reason. One of these reasons or doubts is what made our ceremony-magnet President Jammeh dodge celebrating the 42nd anniversary this year? Some say it is because Lady Zeinab is not the house as expected of her. Some say she has categorically refused attending anything official and public because she is so angry.True or false there are captivating factors in what is being spread around town by Jammeh’s own people at the State house.
It is a long story of he says,she says. The same sources revealed Fatou Mbye and Cany Jobe. We have learnt that a supporter of “Kanni” wanted us to change the spelling of her name on line. We commend the Cany supporter on that,however, let the supporter and Cany brace up because Cany’s case is yet to end. I wish this supporter(who maybe Cany herself) did not come back on this issue. Now that there is a challenge and Banjul is a small place we will prove our stories on Cany beyond reasonable doubt in our next piece on her. She and Fatou Mbye are important in President Jammeh’s marital life.
Lady Zeinba Jammeh driven to a hotel from Washington Why?
A source close to the State house guards revealed that during the first lady’s last trip from the USA she was asked to go to a hotel and stay there. Others said she was not happy with the Big man therefore took her own turn to go there and hybernate for a while.
This reminds every Gambian of former first lady Tuti Faal Jammeh’s own day. She was also taken by surprise when the convoy that came to pick her up drove straight to Kembujeh instead of State house. This was done on her way from Mecca.
On that day sources said Tuti was really dumb-founded.
Well Lady Zeinab was at the time the candy of the day. She replaced Lady Tuti without any remorse. Is it unfair if Cany or Fatou Mbye replace Lady Zeinab? History repeats itself and there is what many call poetic justice. Poetic justice is about to send a slap on the cheek of our first lady from Morocco.
Jammeh is good at changing gears when Bulfaaleh reveals,however this one can’t be so easy as far as I know.
The Saudi man in the picture. Business or Romance?
Someone so close to President Jammeh revealed that our leader is just not so happy with his wife. True or false this source cannot be distrusted just like that. She is too close not to be believed.
It has been revealed that there is a Saudi businessman accused of merging with the first lady’s business line. This man according to sources was brought in the palace by King Jammeh. Now the whole fuss is about two questions.
1-Why would the first lady merge her business line with the man’s own without telling husband Jammeh?
2-Is Jammeh all that comfortable with the way the two are just too close to one another?
For sure the scenarios exist and Jammeh knows this as a fact. However, we are yet to prove anything related to romance here.
The more we can we dig for the facts,the better for the Gambian public. These social shocks can as depressed our President. It can also make him want to talk about HIV/AIDS during these depressions.  The Jammeh pipers should not forget when he publicly revealed what he in 1994 called former first lady Chilel’s dirty part with a Nigerian businessman. Jammeh those days are so fresh in our minds. How about sipping the cup  of acid now?
Bulfaaleh is still working on this important story and will certainly print everything gathered for the public’s interest.

Posted on Saturday, February 24, 2007 (Archive on Wednesday, February 28, 2007)
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