I originate from the UK, a place that has betting in its blood, you can place a bet on virtually anything you want,, and to facilitate the act, there is a Ladbrooks betting shop on every street corner, or. You can do it online.

When I ‘crossed the pond’ in 1980. I noticed the distinct lack of Betting Shops, but I paid little heed as I was not much of a gambler. In fact it was decades later that I discovered that I was breaking a federal law by participating in the Superbowl Square, seemed pretty stupid to me, but the law is the law.

I really don’t understand the roots of the reason for the ban, nor its origin. I am sure that Prohibition and Organized Crime were likely the causation.

The supreme court weighed in on the subject on May 14, 2018. lifting the federal ban on sports betting. As is often the case, with the Supreme Court rulings, they like they like to push the responsibility onto the states to resolve.

It is hard to keep up with the hard data, but I believe that 11 states have approved Sports Betting and 20 other states have bills in the works. Much like the debacle that Colorado and other states have faced with legalizing pot, it takes a while to cross the T’s and dot the I’s. I found this article from Business Insider.

One of the states that has approved sports betting is Pennsylvania, With the start of the NFL looming people in PA and in other states are looking for places to place a bet. I found this site for NFL Betting in PA

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