I read a lot, I love news, and I love history. History is what makes us, it defines us, and yes sometimes it divides us.

I grew up in the UK, Grammar School history lessons were about the Romans, the Vikings, and the pesky French.

It was not until 1981 that I escaped on a 747 that I discovered that history existed beyond the rather drab island I had called home.

History has a way of hiding in plain sight. I love history, so I go seek it out. The Civil War is a very fine example. The politics do not interest me, it is the actions that are key.

History is a tricky subject, it grows every day. School text books on the other hand tend to stay the same physical size and less space is dedicated to every subject with each school year.

In an almost Orwellian fashion the older an event  is, the smaller and more insignificant it becomes. Alas, one of the victims of ‘pruning’ is the civil war. Several  years ago I had a meeting with a local high school history teacher, she listened politely as I showed her my wares. A series of posters showing the chronology and location of  the battles, together with a book of reprints of news articles from the time, each battle seen through the lens of both north and south.

The teacher loved the material, but explained that in this modern world, there was little time spent on the civil war. She was more interested in my British accent and that my father had fought in WWII.

I believe that that all of history is important, but I also understand the quandary of the school system, with the rise of STEM, subjects like History, Geography, Social Sciences and Art & Culture have become second class citizens.

In this brave new world it is up to the individual to teach him or herself as no-one is going to do it for you.

Recently author Joel Moore contacted me, his 4 book series of the civil war as seen through the eyes of the Boy Soldiers is in its second printing. This got me thinking. I know I cannot halt of change history, but just maybe it might be possible to introduce some people to this rapidly shrinking piece of American history’

I did a test program with author Joel Moore you can listen here, and yesterday Joel and I invited well known film maker Dorian Walker you can listen here.

What encourages me is that there are others that share my interest in the past.

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