Right now the hunt is on for Rolin Joseph, a number people would like to talk to this 29 year old miscreant. Crime is never a laughing matter but it certainly does have its moments of humor. This home video was posted on FaceBook yesterday.

Note: click on Post! I am unable to embed the video directly.

There is also this delightful YouTube video

While I have never been to the Fort Pierce area of Florida, I would suspect that he hardly blends into the crowd!

So what has Rolin Joseph done wrong? Well I think it is more a question of what he has not.

He was born in 1985 and up until 2004 had no criminal record, of course it is possible that that there were some juvenile offences, but that is merely speculation. Since 2004 though he has been a very busy boy. Even though a portion of the time was spent doing ‘time’, he has managed to create a 10 page resume (rap sheet). To maintain a page a year you clearly need to be creative.

2013 was quite a busy year, in June he decided to move away from his mainstream crimes of robbery, resiting arrest, some assaults and various traffic violations. I have heard it rumored that Rolin Joseph considers himself a bit of a ladies man (I suggest the ladies are in need of an optician) and maintains a bit of a harem. To prevent one of them leaving he decided to file a false child abuse claim. The local TV station covered the story.

In 2014 he has apparently decided to lay low, so low that he probably feared that appearing for various court dates might blow his cover. Needless to say that a couple of Bail Bond companies are not very happy with Rolin.

If you know where Rolin Joseph is please contact William Cobra Staubs at Casedclosed@bellsouth.com. Cobra would be more than happy to escort him to the local jail.


Simon Barrett

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