The 2014 Fantasy Football season is fast approaching and you’re probably wondering if you should draft a QB in the first or second round or wait until the later rounds for a 2nd tier quarterback. I’m about to tell you why you should draft a QB in one of the first two round of your fantasy football draft and what to do if you miss out on one of the top tier stud.

Top Tier Studs:

  1. Peyton Manning
  2. Drew Brees
  3. Arron Rodgers

These three NFL quarterbacks are late first round / second round picks, hands down, here’s why. Consistency, these three QB’s are not only the highest scoring QB’s in fantasy football but they’re the most consistent. Consistency is what you look for when drafting a player to your team. Consistency helps you win leagues and you can’t afford to spend your first or second pick on a inconsistent player.

If you miss out on drafting a top tier quarterback don’t fret, you can always grab solid producers with upside later in your draft. You’ll want to draft guys with high upside and a history of playing on a high scoring NFL team. Here’s some excellent mid round options if you miss out on the top tier quarterbacks.

Matt Ryan, ATL: Matt Ryan had a horrible 2013 season due to a poor offensive line, poor run game and his two top receiving options both got injured for most of the season (Roddy White and Julio Jones). But 2014 is a entire new story. The O-line has been slightly improved and they drafted a running back to compete with Steven Jackson. But most importantly, Roddy White and Julio Jones are back 100% healthy and ready to dominate NFL secondary.

Jay Cutler, CHI: If he can stay healthy, Cutler will put up 30 touchdowns and somewhere around 4,300 to 4,800 yards. Not to bad for a guy that you can draft after the 5th or 6th round. Cutler was out for several games last season but was on pace for record stats. If we get a full 16 games from Cutler this year people that draft him will enjoy a feast of fantasy points with a relatively low average draft position.


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