I got up this morning ready to watch a movie that we received yesterday so I could do a review on it. The name of the movie, Porn Shoot Massacre, wasn’t exactly appealing to me because I am not into any kind of porn but I agreed to give it a try since it is labeled as a Horror movie and that I am a fan of.

The beginning of the movie almost made me turn it off but I stuck with it hoping it would get on with something better. The opening scene was a young lady in the shower which went on and on. Once she is out of the shower and dressed to leave she is murdered before she can even get inside her car.

Now we see that apparently there is a director that has offered a group of young women an awful lot of money just to appear for a one time shoot of a new movie he is filming. Of course the movie is a porn movie but all the women involved are more than willing to participate since there is so much money involved. The problem is though that none of them realize they are being tricked into starring in a movie that is a real life horror movie with them becoming the real life victims.

You can watch the trailer for Porn Shoot Massacre below:

In my opinion I would be embarrassed to recommend this movie to anyone. It is a very low-budget film, it has boring background scenes (meaning none), and the actors and actresses in the movie are the worse I have ever seen. I wouldn’t ask anyone to buy this movie but if you want it, you can click on the Amazon link above to order it.

Jan Barrett

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