twinkies.jpgLets face it, Twinkies are hardly on the list of recommended food by most people involved in the health and nutrition field. They are full of empty calories and made from chemical ‘stuff’ that only the mother of Frankenstein could love. But they are an iconic part of modern life.

No-one admits to ever eating them. Twinkies and 50cc mopeds have a lot in common. They are fun to eat or ride, but you don’t want to let your friends see you doing it!

Twinkies are ingrained in our culture. They also have the big advantage that unlike most food’s they come with no ‘Sell By’ date. A 50 year old Twinkie is as good as one fresh out your local convenience store today.

I feel certain that as a result of the Cold War there are private bomb shelters all over the US well stocked with Twinkies. Cases of Twinkies may well be the next big thing on eBay.

So why are Twinkies now becoming an endangered species? The Hostess company has been around for over 80 years, and they employ more than 18,000 people. The Twinkie problem in my mind is not so much about a product, it is all about stinking politics.

Right leaning Vulture Capitalists against the equally bizarre traditionally far left Unions.

It is a marriage made in hell! There is no sense in it. The Vulture Capitalists could care less if Hostess goes broke, likewise, the union bosses have no interest. They will just move on to the next money making deal. No-one but the 18,000 employees that are set to lose their jobs give a damn!

Simon Barrett

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