Watching the GOP Primary Race has been more entertaining than even Thom Beers (Worlds Deadliest Catch, and just about every other ‘reality’ program on Discovery) could have thought up.

The Primary season has been fun for even the most apathetic voter. A bunch of right wing Piranha’s trying to out-right-wing the other. The stupidity level even eclipses 2008 and Sarah (I can see Russia from my bedroom window) Palin.

But all good things must come to an end, and the end happened today. Rick Santorum has ‘suspended’ his campaign. This is bad news for people like me that like a good food fight. It means that Mitt (really I am a man of the masses) Romney should have an easy romp across the finish line to become the GOP contender.

The big question is can Mitt Romney be rehabilitated? Women don’t like him, minorities don’t like him, and the working poor certainly don’t like him. He even faces a problem with the religious mob.

Mitt Romney has little to grab the attention of the all so important swing voter. Can his image be rehabilitated? That is the question that must be asked.

Democratic strategists must be in ecstasy. The GOP is going to put up a candidate that has all of the charm wit and repartee of a Rattle Snake. I have not seen it yet, but I will bet there is going to be an Ad “Watch my lips, no new Taxes”.

Election promises are about as iron clad as a sack of smelly garbage. It is best to get rid of it soon as you can, but taking the trash out becomes a chore that becomes difficult. I think I recall Obama saying that he was going to shutdown Gitmo? Likewise, I seem to recall promises about Iraq and Afghanistan.

Election promises are about as reliable as a 40 year old Russian built Skoda!

It will be interesting to see what the Mittany Lions (oops that was a typo), I was confused with Penn State, they are the Nittany Lions. But what can the Mittany Lions do to make Mitt more palatable?

The question is can Mitt Romney move from his right wing views and move toward the center? Without the swing voters he might just as well give up now. It is possible that he could get the support he needs by picking the right running mate. My choice is Jerry Springer. I really think that Jerry could put the bounce back in the whole effort. Lets face it, watching Obama and Romney Jello Wrestling would be entertaining. Mitt Romney could also hand out ‘Mitt Beads’.

Simon Barrett    

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