We have all seen those anti drug adverts, a plate with a fried egg on it, this is your brain on drugs, the commentator tells us.

It is a sobering moment, one that any and every parent should consider.

When it comes to fruit we tend to be somewhat lax in our rules. Fruit doesn’t usually go to school, fruit doesn’t have home work. Fruit generally has an easy life. It does not have to take the garbage out, it does not have to clean its room. All it has to do is sit outside and enjoy life.

Of course there is the occasional ‘bad apple’, a piece of fruit that is not content with life. A good example of this phenomena came my way today. This naughty Orange had snuck into the house and found the Viagra stash! Needless to say the Orange was busted as soon as the homeowners returned.


Amusing as this photo might be, it poses a larger question. The TV adverts warn that if this physical phenomena continues for more than 4 hours you should seek medical advice.

It is unclear what (if any) medical insurance the orange has. One can only hope that there is a free fruit clinic, and they can relieve this ‘stretching’ problem.

If you are as interested as I am in solving the Orange meets Viagra issue, and the whole problem of the politics of Big Food  join us at noon eastern tomorrow. The link is here.

Simon Barrett

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