Is this a new low in scientific reasoning? An interview with one deviant enables causal inferences about the whole population? You expect such talk from a guy in a bar but these are supposed scientists talking for the record. A picture of one of the quacks below, Dr David Wilson

Extreme sexual fantasies are being normalised because of the rise in deviant pornography on the internet, psychologists have warned. Researchers now believe there is a ‘causal link’ between the rise in explicit images available online and an increase extreme illegal behaviour in real life.

According to experts, the internet is allowing like-minded people to share explicit and violent sexual fantasies, therefore making them more acceptable.

The findings are based on research conducted by Dr Tim Jones, senior lecturer in cognitive psychology at Worcester University as well as top psychologists such as criminologist Professor David Wilson from Birmingham City University.

Their research is based around a series of interviews with a convicted paedophile named ‘James’ who is serving a 14-year sentence for numerous sexual offences involving children.

They also point to the rise images of child pornography available on the internet. The Greater Manchester police obscene publications unit has seen a staggering leap in the number of illicit images seized. In 1995, they seized around dozen images of child pornography, rising to over 41,000 in 1999, and by 2001, the unit was so overwhelmed with the number of images that they stopped counting.

Dr Jones told the Daily Telegraph: ‘The internet is fuelling more extreme fantasies and the danger is that they could be played out in real life’.


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