There are some rumblings in the ether that might lead one to believe that money is becoming a bit of an issue in the defence of tot mom Casey Anthony. The head ‘Talking Head’ for Baez and his dwarfs was Marti Mackenzie. Ms. Mackenzie is quite well known in the PR world, and as opposed to supposed Pro-Bono work that Bozo Baez and the dwarfs are offering, this lady does not work for free! This ‘Talking Head’ for the Talking Heads has apparently decided to roll up her tent and move on.

More than one media outlet is asking the very pertinent question, is Jose Baez out of cash?

The whole money question is a huge one in this case. The Anthony family is not rich, in fact it appears that George and Cindy Anthony are on the verge of losing their home because of not paying their mortgage since May/09. One wonders where the reported $100k for photo licensing went!

The defence team has been grasping at ever incredible ideas for months. They started out with the Zanny The Nanny story, the only result as far as anyone can tell is that they now face a civil suit brought on by a lady that happens to have the same name and happened to be in the general area at the time. The next targets were Jessy Grund and his father Richard Grund. Having talked to Richard on numerous occasions, I know that these allegations are nothing short of ridiculous. Next on the list for the dwarfs is Roy Kronk, he was the person that discovered Caylee Anthony’s skeleton body in trash bags, and duct tape over the mouth and nose.

Chief dwarf Jose Baez is not qualified to deal with a death penalty case. Actually I am not sure I would want him representing me on a traffic violation. In order to keep his name in the press and the case Baez elicited the assistance of Andrea (I have never lost a capital case) Lyons. Ms. Lyons is a law professor at  Depaul University, I wonder if she is using her students as unpaid helpers? Well hell, everyone else seems to be pro-bono. I wonder what the payoff will be? A+ for the best scam to get Casey Anthony out of the mess?

What I find interesting is that socialite/mover and shaker/attorney Mark NeJame decided to comment on it. Mark as you will recall was the ‘Pro-Bono’ high powered attorney that represented the Anthony family in the beginning of this odyssey:

“They can always seek to have somebody declared indigent for cost purposes, and then have the county pick up the tab,” NeJame said Nejame also pointed out that defence attorneys have been slow to carry out depositions.

Mark NeJame seems to be doing a bit of a 180 with this statement. But then again he has to protect his current client, so I guess we should not be surprised.

Simon Barrett

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