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       Monday, September 18, 2006

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Red Tag

Arroyo and Her Goebellian Propaganda*

In a desperate attempt to cling to power, Philippine Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is now on her way to becoming the Adolf Hitler of this generation. With the number of people denouncing her presidency growing exponentially, her administration has resorted to aggressive red baiting, mercilessly ganging up on personalities and organizations as enemies of the state.

This move is Arroyo government’s response to wind up the brewing political crisis. It has applied the Goebellian propaganda to break the backbone of anti-Arroyo groups. Losing its control over its constituents, it has now become trigger-happy, exhibiting its expertise in employing goons, guns and grenades to silence and cow those who are going against its underlying interests.

The overt singling out of people and organizations as enemies of the state has justified the already intensifying human rights violations in the country. It has given more pretexts to the extensive spate of killings, abductions and political repression which never have been as rampant as these times, even during the Martial Law period. In just five years in power, this government has accumulated a whopping record of more than 300 cases of killings, with abduction and political repression mounting up to hundreds of thousands, enough to put former dictator Pres. Ferdinand Marcos to shame. These atrocious activities have been committed in the broad of the day and the dead of the night, in the market or in school or on the street, in the most gruesome and ghastly manner. Under the Arroyo administration, the Philippines has become nothing but a mere slaughter house.

This red baiting tactic however, falls short to placate and feed the hungry mouths of the Filipino people. Rather than being cowed by the sight and sound of the hails of bullets, they are prepared to face the consequences. Already numbed by the way this government has treated them, they are ready to stake their lives and fight for what have been left for them.

Otherwise, the Philippines will forever be a mass grave.

*a reference to Joseph Goebells, propaganda minister of German dictator Adof Hitler

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posted by aneurysm at 4:40 AM  


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