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       Monday, September 18, 2006

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French Kiss for Iran

Amid growing anti-Iran sentiment in the West, France has offered an olive twig to the nation of ayatollahs.

French President Jacques Chirac believes that a diplomatic solution to the Iranian nuclear crisis can be found without resorting to U.N. sanctions. In this interview to the CNN, Chirac souded an eternal optimist. "I believe that dialogue still is open ... there is a lot more potential to dialogue and I would like us to go the end of that particular road before we decide to go any further in any other direction."

Chirac's views confirmed the views of US, which expressed apprehensions over the support from its allies for UN sanctions against Iran over its suspect nuclear programme.

Jacques Chirac's efforts of a peaceful settlement of Iran issue is laudable. The war against terror has not made the world a safer place. The people of Iran deserve a better deal and not a war for the fault of a few hardliners and maniacs.

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posted by rajiv at 6:09 AM  


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