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       Sunday, September 17, 2006

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Dog The Bounty Hunter, Leashed Again!

Along with millions of other viewers around the globe my wife and I have enjoyed the reality TV series “Dog the Bounty Hunter”. The first few episodes were interesting; however it quickly degenerated into week after week of the same thing. Dog and his merry band of marauders busting some crack smoking degenerate who had missed a court appearance.

Dog Chapman is a 50 ish, ex con, born again Christian, who likes to intimidate people. He has little actual legal power, but loves to bang on people’s doors with threats such as “if you don’t let us in to search for Bob we will get a warrant from the police”.

Most people would crumble by this kind of approach, particularly if Dog brings the whole gang with him. They look ugly with more tattoos than the lady at the fairground side show, and they have all sorts of gadgets and cans of Mace strapped to their belts.

Dog was the ‘Bounty Hunter’ that snagged the Max Factor heir Andrew Luster in Mexico, who is currently enjoying a recreational 124 year prison stay. Unfortunately Mexico does not allow bounty hunting so Dog broke about 10 gazzilion Mexican laws. Mexico is fighting back, and have asked for Dog and his boys to be extradited for this flagrant violation of their laws.

The result of this being that Dog Chapman and his buddies went to jail for a night.

Dog made bail ($300,000) and was declared to be not a flight risk. Hell everyone knows what he looks like, how could he take flight! Even if he cut and dyed his hair the airport screeners would spot his wife’s unique physical shape, because they would not fit though the metal detectors!

Poor Dog Chapman does have to wear a GPS tracking bracelet. If the cops are smart they will be monitoring this and beating him to the arrests of the bad guys and girls!

If Mexico prevails, Dog Chapman and his cohorts are looking at 12 years in the slammer, and rumor has it that Mexican jails are not Club Med’s.

While I am sure that no one wants to see Dog cooling his heels in a Mexican slammer, it should be pointed out that what he did was illegal. You can not just go waltzing into someone else’s country and effectively kidnap people.

It is often a fine line between what is right and wrong. Andrew Luster is not as high profile as Adolf Eichmann who the Israeli Mosad ‘liberated’ from Argentina in 1960, but there are some similarities. No one can condemn Israel for bringing a war criminal to justice, however their actions were quite clearly in contravention of the laws of Argentina.

I would suspect that if some Mexican bounty hunter (even though it is illegal) came to the US and boosted someone there would be an uproar about violating US laws.

As the old English saying goes “what is good for the goose is good for the gander”.

It is highly unlikely that Dog Chapman and associates will be shipped off to Mexico. However if I was Dog I would probably cross Mexico off my list of great places to vacation in. I have a sneaking hunch that getting through customs might be a bit of a problem.

Simon Barrett

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posted by zzsimonb at 5:19 AM  


johnpb said...

I started a Petiton to get the charges dropped, please sign it. Its at

Also stop by our website,

There is a list on the website of people to write in order to show your support to Duane Chapman and his family

2:18 PM  
Brian said...

I am sitting here reading all this about how a lot of people believe Dog should be exempt from justice. I'm really in disbelief!!! This one is a no brainer. If your average Joe went to Mexico and were arrested for breaking the law, and then fled, he would likely be extradited back to the country. If not, then we may as well send letters to every country that the USA has extradition agreements with telling them that the agreement is a one way/one sided agreement only!!! Those of you that think Dog shouldn’t have to go face trail in Mexico are nothing but HIPOCRITS! Ever heard of double standards? The fact that he makes his living bringing people in to face the crime(s) they fled is all the more reason he should be expected to face the music for his own crimes. Do the crime, do the time! He should not even have been allowed to post bail until AFTER an extradition hearing. He has been going around making people face their crimes yet he is asking the US to exempt him from the law and his crimes. He is nothing but a hypocrite and a disgrace!!! He is no better than ANY of the people he helped bring to justice. I guess if you are famous you are exempted from the law. All of you that are amenable with Dog and the proposition that he not face the music in Mexico should be ashamed of yourselves!!!

8:25 PM  

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