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       Sunday, September 17, 2006

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Black women and television

Is there any hope left for Black women in the media? From Mammy to Jezebel to the Sapphire, Black women have been portrayed in many ways -- but none of them positive. If we are not being angry, bossy, aggressive, backstabbing, downright rude or just plain ignorant, then we are not in demand...which leads me to the VH1 phenomenon "Flavor of Love II". This show is a complete mockery of Black women and their intelligence, grace, dignity and pride. However, these women voluntarily chose to broadcast their lives on national television. It is a shame that these women degrade themselves and their race and gender just for notoriety. Let's be real: Flavor Flav could easily be their grandfather. As they try their best not to wretch as they ram their tongues down his throat episode after episode, millions of people watch and believe that every Black woman they see acts like these embarassments on television. It's a shame. History shows that Black people have been discriminated against in the media, especially on television and in advertising. From these modern day Jezebels, even Flav's Sambo-isms, this show sets Black people back centuries. While we have more freedoms from today than ever, we still choose to reduce ourselves to second-class citizens by voluntarily engaging in trash such as this show. Hopefully the future will show intelligent Black women on television who have more to offer than a big breast and behind and attitude.

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posted by darolamo at 9:53 PM  


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