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       Sunday, September 17, 2006

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Angry Muslims Around The World

Pope Bendict' speech at a German University has angered muslims around the World. Is it anything new?? Why even bother to publish these stories.

Muslims are always angry and irrational. The World's 1.1 billion muslims need intensive courses in anger management and thinking rational. What ever happened historically between Christian, muslims and Jews over the centuries is regrettable but muslims must let it go and look forward to the future. Instead of thinking about how to improve the life of fellow muslims, the different sects of Islam are fighting each other and killing each other (shia vs Sunnis vs Kurds).

Among the muslims the Indian muslims are the most rationale. This is because they were converted from Hinduism to Islam at the point of sword. Pakistani muslims who were originally of Hindu decent have been influenced too much by Wahabi sect of Saudi Arabia since Pakistan got its freedom from the British. Pakistan received millions of dollars from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and other middle-eastern countries to promote radicle Islam in that country. United States closed its eyes to such backstabbing from its so called friend Saudi Arabia. The mushrooming Madrasas in Pakistan creates extremists in that country. The middle eastern muslims were always violent throughout the history.

It is time the Western media ignored the stories of muslim anger because it is nothing new.

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posted by GLOBALTHINKER at 7:13 PM  


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