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       Monday, May 29, 2006

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by China Blogger Lonnie Hodge

Mu Mu

It seems Mu Mu Felt like she had been exposed enough on the net. After great media hoopla and touting her as the new queen of the confessional blog she just stopped. She has not posted since March and says she met her goals for readership and is moving on.

Other bloggers like Hedgehog MuMu, no relation to simply Mu Mu, competed recently in a Prettiest Blogger cCompetition sponsored on the net. but, those who tried to sway voters with provocative shots, like Hedgehog Mu Mu (is that an unfortunate handle or what?), were promptly removed from the competition. Hedgehog won the popular vote before being DQ'd. Here is the whole story: BLOGGER CONTEST!
These are a few of her tamer shots found at the Yahoo! group asiandivas:


Hedgehog Mu Mu

My students tell me that Chinese, save Mu Mu and a few others like Sister Lotus, don't talk about sex, but do it while westerners talk about sex, but don't do it. Hmmm....

So long Mu Mu--I hope it was your decision and not any form of censorship pressure that moved you offline--and welcome to the 40,000 or so new Chinese bloggers entering the sphere daily. It is likely that no matter what you blog about you will have profound influence on on the way we do manage information in years come.

One thing for sure: It is going to be a lot harder to control the likes of Hedgehog or anyone....

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posted by Lonnie at 8:27 AM  


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