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       Saturday, April 15, 2006

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Bubba Clinton's Legacy - A Nuclear Iran

Here's an intelligence fiasco worthy of erudite Johnny English [He knows no fear. He knows no danger. He knows nothing.].

There's a dust-up in the blogosphere about the news that, in 2000, the Clinton Administration gave slightly flawed plans for nuclear weapons to IRAN in an ill-advised scheme called Operation Merlin. On paper, I'm sure someone who's watched too many cheesy spy flicks might think it looked like a freakin' cool idea, man. But the reality is that it's come back to kick us in the pants. Thus, a nuclear Iran will be Bubba Clinton's [He knows nothing.] legacy to the world.

The operation, which took place during the Clinton administration in early 2000, was code named Operation Merlin and "may have been one of the most reckless operations in the modern history of the CIA," according to Risen.

It called for the unnamed scientist, a defector from the Soviet Union, to offer Iran the blueprint for a "firing set" -- the intricate mechanism which triggers the chain reaction needed for a nuclear explosion.

The Russian was told by CIA officers that the Iranians already had the technology detailed in the plans and that the ruse was simply an attempt by the agency to find out the full scope of Tehran's nuclear knowledge.

But, contrary to orders not to open the packet, he added a note which made it clear he could help fix the flaws for money.

What apparently has everyone in a tizzy is two fold:

1. Bubba [He knows nothing.] Clinton is a strategic and tactical moron who is an absolute boob when it comes to national security.

This is just another chapter in the Bill Clinton saga of giving weapons technology to enemies of the United States. He's provided missile technology to the Chinese, which increased the accuracy of their ballistic missiles, and he provided nuclear technology to the North Koreans that eventually enabled them to develop nuclear weapons.

Risen said the Clinton-approved plan ended up handing Tehran "one of the greatest engineering secrets in the world, providing the solution to one of a handful of problems that separated nuclear powers such as the United States and Russia from rogue countries such as Iran that were desperate to join the nuclear club but had so far fallen short."

Mark Levin, director of the Landmark Legal Foundation, said that thanks to Clinton Iran was able to "leapfrog one of the last remaining engineering hurdles blocking its path to a nuclear weapon."

2. James "Buy-My-Book" Risen, the guy who broke this news in State of War, is the same NYT reporter who made headlines last year when the same book "broke" the four year old "news" that the NSA was wire-tapping terrorist agents and acquaintances. While the MSM has gone crazy over so-called "NSA spying scandal", they haven't touched any of the Clinton-sold-nuke-technology-to-Iran thing. Not even Risen's employer, the NY Times.

Ironically, Risen's New York Times has declined to cover Mr. Clinton's Iranian nuclear debacle -- concentrating instead on his book's dubious claims that the National Security Agency was first authorized to commence domestic wiretapping by President Bush...

NewsMax stated that Risen's report could also have serious implications for Sen. Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign. Mrs. Clinton has been sharply critical of President Bush's handling of the Iranian nuclear crisis, complaining that a nuclear-armed Tehran would be a much more serious threat to the US than Iraq. However, NewsMax may be proven wrong about Sen. Clinton if the news media continue to ignore this story.

"Don't hold your breath waiting for the elite media to create a frenzy over this story. They will never hurt either Clintons with such a damning report," says former intelligence officer Sid Francis.

Three months ago, someone posted this story at Free Republic, as it was written up in a Middle Eastern newspaper. Infowars also covered the news based upon an article in The Guardian.

Apparently, everyone in the world has known about this except the American public due to our MSM's virtual blackout on the subject.

Riehl World View has some clues as to why the MSM has been so silent on the subject and points to a three month old Newsweek article and a Tim Russert interview interview with James Risen that discusses the ramifications of this type of intelligence info being made public.

From the Newsweek article: A spokeswoman for the CIA said, "If it's false, it shouldn't be in his book. If it's true, it shouldn't be in his book."

A statement issued by the CIA about James Risen: "It is 'most alarming' that the author 'discloses information that he believes to be ongoing intelligence operations, including actions as critical as stopping dangerous nations from acquiring nuclear weapons. Setting aside whether what he wrote is accurate or inaccurate, it demonstrates an unfathomable and sad disregard for U.S. national security and those who take life-threatening risks to ensure it.'"

From Tim Russert's interview with James Risen: "By revealing this operation, which you acknowledge may be ongoing, aren’t you violating national security?" He followed it up with this: "Aren’t you tipping the Iranians and the North Koreans as to what might be an ongoing operation?"

Risen's eloquent response to both questions above? "I don’t believe so. I think that this—as I said, this operation took place six years ago..." Wow - that's pure genius. "Duh - I don't think so."

To our readers here at ER, I'd like to suggest that we look a little past the obvious kerfluffles above to something that seems to have escaped everyone's notice so far. Iran has claimed all along that it only wants nuclear capability for civil energy purposes, right?

Iran claims that its nuclear power is for peaceful purposes and that it will help free up oil and gas resources for export, thus generating additional hard-currency revenues.
President Mohammad Khatami said on 23 December 2002 that Iran was committed to its obligations and had no intention to develop nuclear weapons. He said that Iran's willingness to send spent fuel back to Russia showed that it did not want to use it for weapons, since the nuclear waste from Bushere plant would be taken to Russia for safekeeping.

Severely intellectually-handicapped morons have actually bought that line of BS, right? Liberal arguments in support of Iran's claims have ranged from "It's Iran's right to have nuclear energy, just like any other country" to "Israel and the U.S., both armed with nukes, have no right to talk". Others have merely shrugged and said it's a matter of national sovereignty and prerogative.

So now can we quit wasting valuable time with such stupendously stupid arguments now? PLEASE? Liberals need to stop pretending Iran has civilian purposes for their nuclear proliferation. The obvious point of this news about Clinton's moronic Operation Merlin is that we have KNOWN for YEARS that Iran had a nuclear weapons program. We knew enough to craft a case to convince Doofus [He knows nothing.] Clinton to slip them the trigger technology for a nuclear warhead.

AJ at The Strata-Sphere says:

Clearly it was a reckless move. What, pray tell, was the upside? Why take a risk like this unless there was a HUGE payoff? Please note the timeframe for this - 2000 - the election year. That means Tenet was head of the CIA. The turf wars between CIA, State and DoD were raging under Clinton as well as Bush. But this mistake demonstrates the CIA had a lot of serious problems right before 9-11.

Jay at STACLU agrees and calls it: "Absolutely reckless, and a huge risk without any obvious good side to it that would justify the risk factor involved."

Protein Wisdom goes into a little more depth and posits:

"The last 30 years have seen such a deterioration in our intelligence capabilities—and, correspondingly, the public’s faith in them—that one can only hope that all the leaking we’ve seen coming from the CIA is but a last ditch (and, let’s pray, ultimately unsuccessful) effort on the part of many entrenched intelligence lifers to discredit those like Porter Goss who are working on fixing the problems, starting with a rigorous attempt to rid us of those in the intelligence bureaucracy, and breaking down the artificial barriers we have constructed to protect us from ourselves.

Because right now, we need protecting from outside evils—and the luxury we had in the heady pomo days of self-recrimination and hyperpower guilt to punish ourselves for our own international power is behind us."

Good idea. Because, by the way, in case anyone missed it on Monday, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced that Iran had successfully produced enriched uranium: "I formally declare that Iran has joined the club of nuclear countries." This triumphant announcement was the third major development this year on the way to producing an atomic bomb, leaving only one more step.

That next development – metalizing the enriched uranium to fit it into a warhead – could come as soon as four months from now, says author Jerry Corsi, who has watched the predictions in his book Atomic Iran unfold since it was published one year ago.

"They have only one more problem to solve," Corsi said. "The world has got to stop thinking about these Iranians as backward, just because Ahmadinejad has a radical religious agenda. They have all the technical knowledge and all the money they need to solve these problems."

Couple that with the fact that in January, Iran successfully tested a missile with solid fuel, and just last week, a U.S. official reported Iran now has ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads:

Iran now has ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads, according to military experts.

While Tehran denies it is trying to develop a nuclear arsenal, ballistic missile experts advising the United States say it has succeeded in reconfiguring the Shahab-3 ballistic missile to carry nuclear weapons, the London Telegraph reports.

"This is a major breakthrough for the Iranians," said a senior U.S. official, according to the London paper. "They have been trying to do this for years and now they have succeeded. It is a very disturbing development."

Recent test firings of the Shahab-3 by military experts show Iran has been able to modify the nose cone to carry a basic nuclear bomb, the experts conclude.

Texas Rainmaker says, "And if all of that isn’t bad enough, don’t forget that John Kerry is prepared to 'offer Iran the nuclear fuel they need for peaceful purposes.'"

With elected nincompoops like this leading the way, we'll be the death of ourselves yet, won't we????

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posted by Redhead Infidel at 12:17 PM  


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