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       Thursday, March 30, 2006

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Google Courting The GOP?

Apparently April fools is still 48 hours away (as of this post) and it appears that the search engine king is cozying up to the GOP.

For a company known to have stronger roots in the Democratic party than Hillary's own campaign staff, this news seems as a shocker from the Twilight Zone.

(CNET News) Google appears to have embraced the rules of the so-called K Street Project. For a decade or more, Republicans in Congress have used the K Street Project to strong-arm businesses to hire only Republican lobbyists and to make donations only to GOP candidates.

Google has hired Washington powerhouse lobbying firm Podesta Mattoon. Though known as a bipartisan firm, Podesta Mattoon will probably hand this account to Lauren Maddox, a former staffer for Newt Gingrich. (Media Source*)

Google is apparently "teaming up" with the GOP in order to influence government policy, especially after their sting by bloggers and the government over the China issue.

(CNET News) "The folks I've talked to," Clark told The New York Times, "everybody recognizes that the employee contributions were weighted heavily toward Democrats, and they're waiting to see a course correction." (Since 2001, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, Google employees have donated $361,294 to federal candidates, parties and political action committees, with all but roughly $10,000 going to Democrats or their allies.)

Despite their neutral approach towards search, Google is probably realizing that they are not making too many friends with the conservative party, with some bloggers refusing to click on Google Ads as it may support "Demville."

Google is hiring GOP lobbyists in order to help curb what it sees as emerging threats to its internet rights.

(NewsMax) Google's emerging army of advisers "would help it fight fires along several policy lines, including copyright law, access to the Internet and privacy issues like its successful court fight this month to narrow a Justice Department subpoena over disclosure of its users' searches," according to the Times. (Media Source*)

Although some may disagree, this is perhaps a wise strategy for Google. The search engine king must find ways to reach out towards the Republican party--especially if they win the Whitehouse again in 2008.

Darnell Clayton publishes political and random thoughts over at Hidden Nook.

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posted by Darnell Clayton at 10:27 AM  


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