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       Saturday, March 11, 2006

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Can't Please Everyone

9/11 Families Unhappy About Memorial

Despite the fact that the WTC memorial was approved in January of 2004, now that initial preparations for construction are finally underway, a coalition of families whose loved ones perished at ground zero in the 9/11 attacks are attempting to block the memorial. They say the memorial fails to do justice to the memory of the victims, and they aren't happy about the pouring of a concrete slab over the historic "footprint" of the trade center's north tower.

According to the papers the coalitiion filed in court, "the footprints of the World Trade Center are the final resting place for over 30 percent of the individuals who were murdered on Sept. 11, 2001, and whose remains were never found. As such, it is considered sacred ground by the petitioners." The petition also says that unless the current plans are blocked, "the ability to visit and contemplate the authentic site where their family members' last remains reside will be forever lost."

The memorial does include a concrete slab at the north footprint, but it's not sealed over, it actually includes a large opening in the ceiling which connects to the sky above. In fact, the entire thing is so tastefully and sensitively planned, I can't believe anyone's upset about it -- least of all any of the victims' families.
"Reflecting Absence," the memorial chosen two years ago, marks the twin tower footprints with reflecting pools surrounded by a glade of trees and names of the nearly 3,000 victims killed in the 2001 terrorist attacks and the 1993 trade center bombing.
Here's the artist's rendition of the memorial (click on image to view larger size).

The architect's description of the memorial can be found here. It's worth reading -- they've gone out of their way to be sensitive to the families of the victims in general, and they're particularly mindful of the victims whose remains are still there. It's a shame their efforts aren't appreciated by some of those families.

The wiki entry about the memorial is here, and the AP article about the coalition's efforts is here.

Kate blogs at The Original Musings.

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