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       Tuesday, February 14, 2006

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HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! It has a way to go but, cupid is getting more and more popular in China. Stores are making loads of cash on flowers and chocolate.

In China they are following the West in giving gifts the one you adore as opposed to Japan where you give "giri choco" or obligatory chocolates to your boss. I prefer the former to the latter but, I am no longer an employer...Somehow the word obligatory (though, some of the men I know seem to feel the word is appropriate) doesn't do it for me...

Well, another study is out by yet another condom company and they say, and what a surprise, that your beloved doesn't want flowers or candy or sexy undies but, just sex. Hmmm. sounds like a bad espisode of "Murder She Wrote"....

Condom manufacturers are always grabbing publicity at times like Valentines Day with crazy findings. A few years ago they claimed that Hong Kongers were too busy and preferred work to sex. They, in fact, ranked LAST in the world and made love only 79 times in a year. But, new results say they are getting friskier and more adventurous too.

And Hong Kong magazine found too that Hong Kong natives are having sex in more places and, uh, with more people and in more ways.

More than 10 percent of those surveyed (you would never have heard THIS on Family Feud) said they'd had sex with so many partners that could no longer add them up. More than half of the men said they had paid for their adventures while women only reached into their purses 2.4 percent of the time. And another study found that 86 percent of men and women were prepared to use sex to advance their careers--that woould be the adult version of giri choco.

"The survey of 1,500 people, which also took place in the Bangkok and Singapore, found Hong Kongers were more prepared to have sex to further their careers and that an equal number of men and women -- around 86 percent -- like to talk dirty."

And the sequel to "Murder She Wrote" also takes place in Hong Kong where 98 percent of the population has mobile phones and more than 38% of men said they have interrupted an encounter to answer a call.

Go for the flowers, clothes and candy, and stay off the phones--while hoping for the best.


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posted by Lonnie at 2:11 AM  


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