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       Wednesday, February 15, 2006

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Saddam goes on extreme diet

Saddam Hussein has announced that he has gone on a hunger strike to protest tough stances by the chief judge at his trial. (Okay, everybody heave a collective gasp over this startling news.) Yep, he's a regular Mahatma Gandhi with the hunger strikes already. Except that Gandhi had justness and morality on his side, whereas Saddam . . . Well, it's sort of like Ted Bundy going on a hunger strike. What exactly is the down side?

As for tough stances by the judge, Ito was a hanging judge by comparison -- and at least O.J. behaved himself in the courtroom. Saddam has been defiant and disruptive to his heart's content and he and his henchmen have been treated more like juvenile delinquents than mass murderers and committers of crimes against humanity. Can anyone explain why Saddam is not being dragged into court everyday in leg irons and striped prison suits instead of those spiffy sports coats and white shirts buttoned at the collar?

If Saddam never eats another meal again, it will be too soon. But when it comes to food deprivation, it's doubtful he could keep up with your average supermodel. Anyway, don't get your hopes up. Fearless martyr, he's not.

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posted by Greg Strange at 9:42 AM  


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