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       Tuesday, February 14, 2006

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Men of God It's Time to Stand Against Homosexuality

Have you ever noticed that truth doesn't matter except in certain cases? Well, as I've been thinking about the issue of homosexuality, and as Janet Parshall rightly said not long ago on Larry King, "we're seeing the homosexualizing of America" I'm fascinated by the fact that the mainstream media refuses to print the truth about this issue. However, what's even more astounding to me is that most so called biblical churches refuse to address the issue as well - which is why many liberal and biblically illiterate churches have embraced the lie of the gay agenda.

Here's the truth about how Christians are having their rights taken away concerning their free speech on the issue of homosexuality. The most obvious thing, for those with eyes to see, is that just because a Christian disagrees with the practice of homosexuality that means they are "intolerant" or a "bigot" or a "hatemonger" or "filled with hate" or "fill in the blank with a derogatory name". It's not about the facts with people who disagree with those of us who know homosexuality is "unnatural", it's about name calling.

It's not about the facts, that would be objective, it's all about emotions and subjectivity. However, no where in the life of the Christian are we ever told to live our lives in a subjective manner. God made it very clear that we are to live by His rules, which are clear, concise and straightforward.

Here's the other thing though, the media refuses to report the intolerance of those who just can't stand those of us with a different opinion. Case in point, whenever there is a Love Won Out conference held which proclaims the truth that no one is born gay, or has to live as a gay person. Without exception there are vile protests, and in some cases vandalism at the church or place where that event it held. Just yesterday LifeSiteNews reported, and I also heard about this on one conservative talkshow, that these "tolerant" people vandalized the church that was hosting the Love Won Out Conference.

ST. LOUIS, Missouri, February 13, 2006 ( – Hours after the media announced the location of an international Love Won Out conference for St. Louis to be held Feb. 25, the location was vandalized.

The vandalism to First Evangelical Free Church of St. Louis County (First Free) occurred just hours after radio announcements of the location for the event began there Thursday evening. At least a dozen eggs were found spattered over the front of the building when employees arrived there early Friday.

This is not an isolated incident as anyone knows who follows the hatred and intolerance of the left. The problem is that the liberals in the media who have been deceived by the lie of the gay agenda, don't like to report the facts. The even larger problem however, is how the Church deals with this issue.

A few years ago I attended a GLSEN (Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network) event and when I tried to inform those in the church I attended about what happened I had 3 people want to hear about it. I was given so many excuses not to come and hear what I had to say that I was literally shocked, and grieved. Because what these churchgoers don't want to look at is how this issue is impacting their lives.

Well, I have news for the sleeping church - the gay agenda is working slowly to take your rights away. And unless you wake up and start caring about this issue, you will no longer have any rights as a Christian to live what you say you believe to be true.

My friend Linda Harvey has written an excellent article called What's at stake for Christians in the war over homosexuality. This is must reading for every man who calls himself a pastor.

I am increasingly convinced that much of the Church will have a lot of explaining to do. Why did most pastors allow evil to be "sold" to our young people with barely a whimper of protest? Why did you allow this tragic behavior to become a chic cause celebre in the media without trying to take a stand against it? Why did you let seminaries teach this blasphemy? Why did you spend little or no time in the pulpit dealing with this and all the related sexuality issues — promiscuity, pornography, adultery, fornication — sins that are tearing apart the families and personal lives of even Bible-confessing Christians? Why did you constantly decry "political involvement" when this is a deeply moral issue, one for which there are ready arguments to be made in the public square had more Christian leaders been willing to make them?

I've yet to hear any sermons about the homosexual agenda from any pulpit, in any church I've attended. And yet as Linda so rightly questions, why the silence? What are pastors and church leaders afraid of? And why is it that there are a few of us out here trying to warn the church about what is really going on? Are men in the church such cowards that they don't have the moral fortitude or spine to proclaim this truth?

Considering most of the people who are speaking out about this issue are women, with few exceptions, I'd take a look at that men of God. Now is the time to act and stand because if you don't now, you will not have the opportunity later. Men of God, now is your time to stand.

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posted by Stacy L. Harp at 9:18 AM  


Sammy Larbi said...

So what are you proposing to remedy the situation? Are you just saying that they need to talk about it?

12:46 PM  
David said...

Oh, you and all of your fake wars on mindless issues.

Let's just get one thing straight...


It's about as nonexistant as the War on Christmas declared by O'Reilly.

Have you tried being a Muslim in America lately? How about an Atheist? You want to talk about the rights you are denied because of your faith? tan your skin really well, and wear a veil. Go shopping, and see how you're treated, how many so called "rights" you are denied as a human being. Or profess to know something about Evolution and see how m any people react-- and just think, Evolution isn't even Atheistic, except in the eyes of Christians! Just think what the self-proclaimed Atheists/agnostics must feel like every day.

So what's my point? Take your rights, and be happy for them. Meanwhile, stop telling me who can and cannot be my family. You have every right to speak out against it, but no right to take it away from me.


5:09 PM  

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