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       Sunday, January 15, 2006

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al-Qaeda Claims Responsibility for U.S. Chopper Crash

Iraq's al-Qaeda is claiming responsibility for a downed American chopper that killed both pilots on Friday near Mosul.

Terrorists with al-Qaeda posted on an internet site used by insurgents that "Our lions in Mosul ... succeeded to shoot down a US helicopter on Friday by targeting it with medium-sized weapons." Lt. Gen. John Vines, deputy commander of American forces in Iraq, told the media that the "indications" were that the OH-58D Kiowa was indeed downed by hostile fire.

Chief Warrant Officer Mitch Carver, 31, was one of the pilots killed in the crash. His parents explained that Carver "believed strongly in the purpose of the war," and had gone back out of a feeling of duty to his fellow Kiowa pilots.

The military is still investigating the details of the crash.

Kit Jarrell blogs at Euphoric Reality.

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posted by Kit Jarrell at 9:05 AM  


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