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Printed below is an email received from a Shell insider. It includes the content of a leaked Shell email. To protect the source, some information has been deleted from it. The reference to “the good Baptists” relates to the comments (published with a health warning) on Saturday.

The alleged “Baptist Mafia” at Shell Houston

The Shell censorship move could be a reaction to the recent Sex, Drugs & Oil articles arising from Shell bribery of U.S. government employees in the USA (links below under the heading “Shell Sex, Drugs & Oil”).

Do I detect the hand of Richard Wiseman, the hypocritical Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer of Royal Dutch Shell Plc? Former Shell Legal Director Mr Wiseman in his new guise preaches honesty, integrity and transparency, but has a track record (in my experience) of endorsing corrupt practices, deceit, forgery and sleazy undercover activity, all carried out on behalf of Shell.

We understand the Internet censorship policy has for some reason already been applied against this website.

(Mr Wiseman confirmed yesterday that the leaked email containing action being taken by Shell tomorrow, 26 February, is authentic. The relevant heated email correspondence with Mr Wiseman is also printed below. I have not published the email correspondence in which Mr Wiseman requested – and I agreed – that he should have more time to respond.)



Please read the message below and I would appreciate if you would publish it.

The outside world has become so evil that the good people who lead Shell have taken appropriate steps to protect the souls of the hardworking and honest Shell staff.

It means the poor Shell people still have to anxiously wait 3 more days before they get protected by the good people of IT in Shell and keep all the evil things of this bad world outside.

Thereafter it once more will become a nice and cosy Shell family. Thanks to the good Baptists who try very hard to root out all evil.

If you decide to publish this, the news spreads that much quicker and the Baptists and other good people in Shell will be indebted to you forever.

From my little house on the prairie, a tormented soul!


Dear Colleague,

Internet Content Filtering (ICF) is expanded to all internet access points globally as part of a global program to upgrade Shell’s networks. This enhancement will protect you from web-based security threats, and assist in your compliance with the Code of Conduct.

Effective as of 26 February 2009 12:00:00GMT, filtering will be done on categories explicitly banned by the Code of Conduct, such as pornography, gambling, nudity etc; and is implemented anonymously and in aggregate. Only WWW traffic is checked – Shell Wide Web (SWW) sites remain unaffected.

This message is only for your information only.
No action is required of you and there should be no impact to your internet access. This service will not slow down your browsing experience. However, if you experience problems accessing sites on the internet (WWW) please:

Shell Sex, Drugs & Oil Sex, Drugs and Oil: 10 September 2008

The New York Times: Sex, Drug Use and Graft Cited in Interior Department: 10 Sept 2008

The Denver Post: Interior Dept, scandal: Sex, Drugs alleged in oil deals: 10 September 2008

Reuters: US gov’t workers in oil industry sex, drug scandal: 10 September 2008

BBC News: US oil agency rapped over conduct: 11 Sept 2008

USAToday: Oil brokers sex scandal may affect drilling debate: 11 September 2008

CBS News: Sex Scandal Taints Oil Drilling Debate: 11 September 2008

The Wall Street Journal: Federal Oil Officials Accused In Sex and Drugs Scandal: 11 September 2008

Reuters: US Interior Secy ‘outraged’ by oil-sex scandal: 11 September 2008

Investigative Report of MMS Oil Marketing Group -Lakewood (Redacted) for U.S. Department of the Interior: Office of the Inspector General: 19 August 2008

Investigative Report of Gregory W. Smith (Redacted) for U.S. Department of the Interior: Office of the Inspector General: 19 August 2008

The entire article including the email correspondence with Mr Wiseman can be read via the link below…

Shell bans employee access to Internet porn, gambling and nudity

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