A man that was an ex-employee of the Stony Point Fashion Park in Richmond, Virginia, apparently planned a revenge prank on the company in January of 2014. It was reported that he had been fired from the Park in December 2013 after he showed up for work drunk. He was a security guard at the fashion mall for more than a year. Officials say that being fired is possibly the reason for the payback.

19 year old William Thomas brought 5 large tubes of industrial strength adhesive into the Stony Point Fashion Park on January 27, 2014. He went into bathrooms inside the mall and spread a thin later of the adhesive, covering every toilet seat. It was reported that 17 people became stuck on the seats before the glue could dry up. All 17 have suffered only minor injuries but nine of the victims required treatment for psychological trauma.

Thomas appeared before a judge on July 25th and was ordered to pay a fine of $75,000 dollars and he was sentenced to two years in prison on charges of assault, disorderly conduct and vandalism.

A representative for Thomas, Philip Morrisson, said that the sentence was exaggerated and racist. He says Thomas is not a violent man and he is not dangerous. “He simply made a mistake that can be explained by his young age and immaturity and he should not be treated like a dangerous criminal,” said Morrison. He plans to appeal the sentence for possible racial bias.

Personally I think the guy got off easy. I would hate to think of the embarrassment these people suffered as they tried to get up and found that they couldn’t. Imagine how they felt when they realized they had sat on a glued toilet seat. I don’t know how any of them managed to get up from the seats after but I can only imagine how they feel. The one thing I bet they did learn was never to sit on a public toilet seat again without checking it first.

Maybe the guy is young and immature but how would he feel if this had happened to him. How would his attorney feel if someone had done that to him? I don’t think his sentence could be labeled as racial bias. Morrisson wouldn’t be thinking this if it had happened to him I am sure.

Jan Barrett

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