Ashley Dupre from the Spitzer scandal, voluntarily dropped her $10 million dollar Federal lawsuit against, Girls Gone Wild creator, Joe Francis.

Dupre said that the Girls Gone Wild producers approached her to appear in videos while she was a vacationing 17-year-old at spring break in 2003 Miami Beach.

She says that they gave her alcoholic beverages and had her sign a binding contract to do the videos. Women are shown exposing their breasts and posing provocatively in party locations like spring break and Mardi Gras in the videos.

Francis has said “the truth invariably comes out, as I knew it would in this case. I am happy to, once again, be completely vindicated.”

The Girls Gone Wild creator also stated that Dupre was on the “Girls Gone Wild” bus making seven full length films in a week.

According to Fox News, “Shortly after the lawsuit was filed, Francis released a video where Dupre appears covered by a terry cloth towel and gives her name as Amber Arpaio. An unseen questioner asks if she is 18 and if the footage can be used on “Girls Gone Wild.” She says yes to both questions.”

A New Jersey driver’s license with the name Amber Arpaio and a fake birth date making her appear 20-something can also be seen in the video.

Ashley Dupre became an overnight celebrity in March when news leaked out that she had been a high priced call-girl in the Emperor’s Club VIP prostitution ring that involved then NY Gov. Eliot Spitzer.

After the Spitzer scandal, Joe Francis, made a public $1 million dollar offer to Dupre to appear in a video and go on a promotional tour. However, he took back the offer after realizing he already had footage of her.

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