At the outset I would admire Republicans protecting sex toys, stripers, and adult movies, but it’s more to do with opposing taxes. California Assembly Democrats are mounting up against the porn industry. Like it or not the industry of sin brings in millions of dollars to California, it has a big employee base, and already collects revenue from taxpaying home owners. The argument against Assembly Bill 2914 is that it will drive the porn industry out of California, along with all its tax payers. Adult entertainment star Kayden Cross will be testifying against the bill.

I believe Legislatures in Sacramento are going to end up hurting rather than helping the dismal California budget crisis. Rather than bilking businesses, legislatures must stop the hemorrhaging of all the wasted tax dollars. Let’s see a massive overhaul in government waste, more accountability, and less punishment in the form of excessive unwanted tax.Maybe the “Bible thumpers” will enjoy the attack on this industry, but maybe the religious industry had its tax breaks long enough, how about a prayer tax?

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