Growing up we all have had that fantasy to be royalties. But not everyone is born into it. The type of lifestyle that they live is what we call picture perfect. Who wouldn’t want that life where you do not have to worry about getting anything, or the price of anything? Where things are given to you on a silver platter.

With all this being said, Princess Diana managed to blow the whistle and show the world that it is not all flowers and sunshine. But it is rather like any normal life but even harder because to the public you have to appear to be perfect. The reason being that if you are royal, people want to follow in your footsteps just like celebrities. Now we really do not want to bore you with old news. Keep reading and we tell you the scandal with the Royals that are current.

Royal Scandal; Is Meghan Going to be A Problem?

No one is to let the cat out of the bag when it comes to the royal family of England issues. Thomas Markel doesn’t live by that as long as her daughter is involved. Meghan Markel was happy and looking forward to the wedding, but that was until her father saw it necessary to go to the media and speak his mind about the whole wedding arrangement.

Thomas Markel reported that when he was in the hospital recovering from a heart attack he got a phone call. And Prince Harry was on the phone and told him that if he is to attend the wedding he was not going to give a father of the bride speech. Something that did not go well with the now Princess of England. And what do you know? The whole family that is the stepsister and stepbrother of Meghan went on to say that they, they did not approve of the wedding. And knowing their step sister she was to step out of the marriage.

The Markel family was described by the Royal family as a headache that just turned to be a migraine. The bottom line is that not everything is all rosy when it comes to family, whether royal, or ordinary they all carry similar sentiments.


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