We are hearing rumors that shady short-seller and “financial felon“* James Hickman, who is shorting the shares of a taxi medallion financial lender, has been fired from his contributor position at financial website SeekingAlpha.com.

Site editor Simon Barrett inquired if Managing Editor George Moriarty was aware of James Hickman’s lies concerning his alleged “hedge fund” and his financial misdeeds in the state of CT.  Barrett says Moriarty wrote a terse, defensive note in reply, suggesting they were looking at Hickman’s contributor status.

Certainly if SeekingAlpha is seeking to maintain what shred of credibility it has left as a financial crowdsourcing website, it would be a good idea to expunge James Hickman from its ranks. Considering his history on this topic, and his relentless assault on a company that serves legal immigrants seeking the American Dream, one wonders why anyone would listen to what he says.

Not that I am any investing genius, but one also has to ask why he would short the shares of a tiny little company with only about $10 in potential gains from shorting.  I thought smart and experienced investors short stocks that are trading in the triple digits and are valued at hundreds of times more than they earn.

I suppose it doesn’t matter.  The word from the Financial Times is that this little company may be up for sale and that could hurt James Hickman in his purse a lot more than losing a forum for his breathless articles.


*Neither BloggerNews nor this writer is aware of any arrest or conviction of James Hickman for any alleged misdeed.  It is merely a nickname he has earned on stock investment message boards.

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