globalWhen considering the Silent Majority in the United States a large fraction is comprised of Catholics that for whatever reason remain silent regarding many social, political and economic issues that confront our American society. Perhaps part of the silent treatment among Catholics is based on the historical past when Catholics were subjected to persecution because of their faith and the allegations of a dual allegiance between the Pope of Rome and the government of the United States. The , Know-Nothing Riots of the 19th century were fueled with this ignominious religious bigotry, resulting in the deaths of dozens of Catholics, the burning of Catholic Churches in Philadelphia, New York and Baltimore and the destruction of the Pope’s gift of a marble stone intended for inclusion in the then in progress Washington Monument. The stone was met by scores of rioters, destroyed and then thrown into the Potomac River. Until the 20th century, with the initiation of formal diplomatic relations with the Holy See, the Washington Monument never had a representative commemorative stone from the Holy See until diplomatic relations were formalized under the administration of Ronald Reagan. In the wake of the Irish Migrations to the United States, Irish Catholics often met employment discrimination with the placard, “Irish need not apply!” Political powerhouses in most American cities overlooked Irish Catholics as second class citizens and not educated properly disposed towards politics. That political ceiling was of course shattered with the election of JFK in 1960, however still Catholics have not been as politically vocal as they should have been in the late 20th century. Contemporary Catholics experience prejudices similar to those of the previous centuries, however they are more sublime than the burning of churches and defamatory placards. The prejudices experiences by Catholics today are rooted in Supreme Court decisions such as Roe vs Wade, the continued government funding of Planned Parenthood and the continued struggles Catholics endure towards a true recognition of the strength of their collective voices as a guiding influence in shaping the direction of American political realities. Issues that affect Catholics are not exclusively issues of Catholics, they are indeed social and political issues that are American in nature, and demand strong reaction from Catholics. One such issue is that of illegal immigration. Catholics are par se, not opposed to immigration. They are opposed to the subversive nature of illegal immigration, which creates an environment truly unjust to the immigrants, promotes an illegal market of profiteering in the transportation of people and contributes to the growing cycle of poverty of both temporal and spiritual resources of all of those involved. Illegal migration promotes a cycle of poverty which is unjust and does nothing to enhance the dignity of mankind…it diminishes mankind’s God given dignity and makes human beings a commodity rather than a free individual made in God’s image and deserving of a free and qualitative human life and existence. Catholics look often to their hierarchy for leadership and are often disappointed with the ensuing message. In a laudable defense of Pope Francis, his papacy has consistently promoted the cause of immigrants as an issue that transcends political and social norms and integrates the teachings of Jesus regarding love of neighbor and the need to provide equally for all peoples. Catholics rightfully need to clamor for social justice regarding the implementation of the universal call to, “love one another,” as part of their political clout and demand such a response from the ecclesiastical leadership in following Francis’ example. This is not Socialism, this is Christianity in action in the purest form. The Catholic shout needs to include always and everywhere the theological principles that focuses on the equitable access to Earth’s natural resources and in turn a spiritual almost mystical appreciation of all of God’s gifts of life, resources and the environment as a manifestation of God’s presence among us and His equitable gift that reminds us that we too share in His cosmology and should share it with both awe and dutiful responsibility. Catholics as part of the voice of the Social Majority shout the need towards a global appreciation and sharing of the resources and planet we equally share, and decry a society that neglects and withholds equal access to a reasonable quality of life for all peoples, regardless of race, creed or culture. Despite the many dimensions that present opposition to harmonious life on planet Earth, we are all united if through nothing else our basic and most valuable humanity that unites all of us as one. In saying this, Catholics as the voices for the Silent Majority should raise the roof through the reiteration of the proclamation, ” All life is sacred!” and should be preserved, protected and defended at all costs, not because life is a human fulfillment, but rather the most valuable gift offered by the Creator. All denominations, regardless of alternative methodologies of ritual, beliefs and lifestyles agree to the sanctity of all human life, without qualification. The Silent Majority rises up and proclaims this principle as the cornerstone that should guide all social, political and economic developments of the 21st century. Finally, global evangelization towards a renewed sense of the Divine Sacred should form the overlapping message the Silent Majority should proclaim. The restoration of God in the American and indeed global society would provide a stabilizing force towards a more harmonious celebration of human life, human freedoms and ultimately a more successful experience of universal global fulfillment. In the rising up of the Silent Majority, the question of right or wrong is really not the dilemma. The purpose is the development of open communications despite religious, cultural and social differences and the celebration of what makes us fully human and collectively an integral component of the human family, seeking a world of cooperation not destruction. The Silent Majority proclaims that the double standard that exists in global society is no longer acceptable and that the new standard is cooperation, understanding and peace.

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