OK, this might not be scientific, and is based solely on my observations from my office under the Car Port in Mississippi. It was been raining for two weeks. My rain gauge is a 55 gallon garbage can. For the second time in two weeks it is full. California burns, Picayune drowns! It is so wet you couldn’t light a gas BBQ.

So what gives? Next month will mark my 7th anniversary of calling this place home. I have never seen an august like it.

No doubt the GOP would say that it is all a roll of the dice and those silly (90%) of scientists that suggest Global Warming is to blame are drinking the wrong flavor of Kool-Aid.

Sorry, but much though I admire the wisdom of the luminaries of the GOP, I think they are wrong. Global warming is a fact, and it is being exacerbated by our carbon footprint.

I have no clue is the problem can be fixed, but I do want to see us at least try. The Earth is not going to die in our lifetime, but I suspect a 100 years from now, we will be viewed as the people who spotted the problem and did nothing.

Am I missing something? California burns, Mississippi builds arks, the mid west changes from Tornado Alley to Tornado Central and the east coast alternates between bad and worse weather each winter.

Simon Barrett

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