Last week on the program Oklahoma based hunter Lenny Biggers joined us on air to discuss a case that was vexing him, Roderick Bernard Battle. You can read and listen to the story here.

Lenny Biggers joined us once again this week, the good news is that with less than 10 days left on a $50,000 forfeiture, Mr. Battle is once more behind bars. Lenny had several tips as to where Roderick Bernard Battle might be. Florida, Arizona and California. William Cobra Staubs while on air agreed to look into the Florida tip. When time is so short a hunter must rely on hiring others to help in the hunt. As Lenny put it, “all I had was an address in Arizona, it’s a 19 hour drive from Oklahoma”.

Lenny decided to get a local AZ hunter to do the simple task of check out and address and see if there is any sign of the wanted man. A 5 year old could do this, however the story took a wild turn. It ended up on the national news! With no attempt to check things out, almost a dozen armed to the teeth hunters, surround a house and start banging on the door. The big problem was that the house happened to be the home of the Chief of Police in Phoenix. Needless to say things did not go well, and Bondsman Brent Farley found himself the person behind bars.

Arizona has some strange laws relating to Bonds and Bounty Hunting, apparently having a license is an optional extra! Yesterday it might have sounded as if the program was anti Bail Bonds, nothing could be further from the truth. It was all about the need for standards and training.

There are politicians that would love to see Commercial Bonds be replaced by Pre-Trial release or other tools. They sound good on paper, but they don’t work. Commercial Bond is far more cost effective, the Tax Payer is off the hook. However, it is important that Bondsmen and Hunters follow a common code of conduct and a good dose of common sense.

You can listen to the entire program and Lenny Biggers explain the Phoenix disaster here.

Simon Barrett


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