When the Patrolman before you doesn’t do his job and dumps the case on you as quick as he could, it makes your job as detective that much harder. That is the problem that Detectives Coughlin and Holzer face as they go to a house in Palmyrton, New Jersey. Brian Fanning never made it home and his wife Michele called 9-1-1 in a panic earlier today.

What little they have gotten from the Patrolman Danneman does not sound good. Considering what he found, Patrolman Danning may have made a very wise choice in handing the case over to the detectives. One always starts with the spouse and that is what Detectives Coughlin and Holzer will do in Blind Eye: A Short Story Prequel.

Also included in this e-book is chapter one of Another Man’s Treasure, Book 1 in the Palmyrton Estate Sale Mystery Series featuring Detective Sean Coughlin.

This approximately twenty pages short story is an interesting mystery tale with a couple of twists and turns. A fast read it is entertaining and serves as a nice set up for the first book of the series.

Blind Eye: A Short Story Prequel
S. W. Hubbard
March 2015
20 Pages

According to the gods at Amazon I picked this up in early April 2015. I don’t remember now if I did it via a free read promotion or by way of using funds in my Amazon Associate account.
Kevin R. Tipple ©2015

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