This week on the program we were joined by Recovery Agent Lenny Biggers from Oklahoma. Lenny has a headache, the head ache has a name, Roderick Bernard Battle.

Lenny has 14 days to recover Mr Battle else a $50,000 bond goes south. The problem is that Mr. Battle has gone walk about. Best bet is that he is en route from Nevada to Georgia with a large stash of weed. If anyone has any information on where Roderick Bernard Battle is drop Lenny a note at, there is a reward for his capture.
Also on the program were veteran Florida hunters William Cobra Staubs, Matthew Silver Todd and Illinois based Dan Abraham.

As always it was a lively discussion. How comfy are you with death threats? That was the question I posed to the panel. The answers varied but I think the general consensus was that yes threats are made but more often than not they come from the friends and family of the person on bond rather than the person himself.

Yes, on occasions threats are more than hot air and lives are lost. Cobra had a very serious story which I will not try to retell. I suggest that if you did not manage to catch the live program, you should listen to the recording, which can be found here.

Simon Barrett

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