I’ve been writing a lot about the shady short sellers of a taxi medallion financial corporation over the past few months. The three individuals involved in the scheme to mislead investors are financial felon James F. Hickman, Oleg Uritsky, and a liar by the name of Gordon Gossage.


Gossage has relentlessly made false and misleading statements since the beginning of the short selling campaign against this taxi medallion financial corporation. All three men have falsely claimed from the start that they were part of “HVM Capital”, which does not exist in any form, other than a name they made up to fool the media into thinking they were some kind of hedge fund.

BloggerNews has already determined that Gordon Gossage probably works for rideshare company Lyft, which stands to benefit if this taxi medallion financial corporation is harmed, and that he appears to be fond of making allegedly anti-Semitic comments.


We also determined that he made libelous statements about management.


However, something strange happened a few days ago. Gossage announced on a Yahoo message board that he was no longer shorting this taxi medallion financial corporation, and declared “victory” for the “takedown project” on his obscure blog.


It’s a bizarre development, and of course, comes with a whole new set of lies.

Gossage now says he never claimed that the taxi medallion financial corporation was going to zero, even though he is co-author of the original short-selling report which said that exact thing would happen and has been crowing about this in literally hundreds of posts and comments at Yahoo and SeekingAlpha.


He claims to have exited the project on the exact day of the taxi medallion financial corporation’s 52-week low. We believe that is also a lie. We do not think the Triumvirate of Liars covered any of their position. Instead, as another BloggerNews reporter has theorized, he was given a small stake in the project in exchange for his participation as a rideshare “expert”.


We believe Gossage got nervous about the fact that taxi revenues have shown resilience in the NY market and decided to grab his profits while he could. It costs the Liars a full dollar per year in dividend payments while short, and considering they shorted around $10.50, they’ve made two dividend payments already with a third on the way next month. That means anything above $9.75 puts them in the red.

We can only guess what Hickman and Uritsky must think of their compatriot.

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