Over at UberPeople.Net, where you can find stories about what it is truly like being a member of the “sharing economy”, there’s this post from someone who has quit being a driver.  I don’t need to comment further.

“Been providing my ridesharing service for one year, having made over 1,300 trips. This was my first time ever working in a service industry but now I know how waiters must feel when they give their best service only to be met with rude, obnoxious, ungrateful, thankless, non-tipping idiots, jerks and a whole lot of other human trash.
After one year of repeatedly and basically: “I love Uber but I’m so glad I don’t have to carry cash and tip you for providing quick, safe, efficient service in your nice car with cold a/c and leather seats and awesome sound system but, hey, thanks for the free water and, oh, to show how much less I think of you, I”m going to leave my trash in your car when exiting including stuffing it under your floor mats, inside the backseat pockets, under your seats and, by the way, never mind all the scratches and scuff marks and wear ‘n tear I did to your interior including when dragging my luggage and personal belongings across your leather seats and propping my filthy, muddy shoes on your center arm rest and on the back of your seat and, lest I forget, all the sand and mud and other crap from the bottoms of my shoes, even though I’m so appreciative of all the extra stops you made along the way to my original destination, and oh, not to mention letting my spoiled, hyperactive kids kick the back of your seats and spill drinks and drop food all over which I have no intention of cleaning up because that’s your job and, in addition, vomiting in your car and then getting out and leaving it as if it never happened and without so much as a tip for the hassle of you having to clean it up and because I think so little of you I’m not even going to say ‘thank you’ and, you know, because you graciously put up with me and my obnoxious co-riders including us all loudly complaining because you refused to go 70 mph in a 45 mph zone so that we wouldn’t have to pay as much of your slave-labor fare but would rather have lots more money to spend on beer and wine and to tip our bartenders and waiters and bellhops instead and, no, I have no intention of paying the speeding tickets you receive on my behalf due to my impatience, and wait, one of my favorites which is even though I had to accept the surge pricing and even though I clearly knew I would be charged significantly more, I’m still going to take it out on you by rating you 1 star because, well, just because I’m shallow and don’t care about your rating and, by the way, I’m also an Uber driver and I know what it’s like to not get tipped but, no, I’m still not going to tip you, my fellow Uber driver and, lastly, there are just too many other terrible, disgusting behaviors I have exhibited inside your car and towards you, at times putting you through pure hell and torture, while all the while you remained polite, professional, courteous and long-suffering…(and the list goes on)…” Then, after all this, Uber, a so-called ‘technology company’ (to avoid responsibility and accountability) feels entitled to take 20% of MY earnings from MY labor while practically begging riders not to tip me?!

If I subtract the mileage, fuel, cleaning, repairs, wear ‘n tear, non-reimbursed tolls, along with the emotional and physical toll the stress has taken on me resulting from dealing with often inconsiderate, discourteous and rude behavior of hundreds and hundreds of people inside the too-close-for-comfort enclosure of my car, to say I’m in the red is an understatement. It wasn’t worth it. How I would love to get the past year of my life back. Just know, I’m taking the chains off and setting myself free from the pipe dream (a/k/a scam) known as Uber.

Travis Kalanick…there is a law of nature or a ‘natural law’ that goes something like this: what goes around, comes around. Except, in your case, when it comes back around to you, I believe it will be many times worse than what you and your Uber minions (a/k/a employees) have dished out to your so-called ‘partners’ who are performing slave labor so you can live a lavish lifestyle off the sweat of their backs. The only good thought I have towards you is that your soul is saved when you meet our Maker…I already know mine is. Other than that, I hope Uber loses every lawsuit, goes belly up and bankrupt very soon, and that you lose everything. You are a despicable excuse for a man.”

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