We already know that James Hickman and Gordon Gossage, the shady short sellers of a major taxi medallion financial company, have no shame.  They’ve been caught lying multiple times.  Right from the start, when they claimed to work for the non-existent “HVM Capital”, the goal was clear: spook investors so they could cynically profit.

BloggerNews has already determined that Gordon Gossage probably works for rideshare company Lyft, which stands to benefit if the taxi medallion financial industry is harmed, and that he appears to be fond of making allegedly anti-Semitic comments.

This despicable characters just won’t go straight, continuing his criminal behavior by libeling management of the same taxi medallion financial company.  Gordon Gossage has publicly claimed: “As recently as December 2013, [this company’s] COO, Arthur Murstein sold many of you 2,800,000 shares at $16 per share.”

There is no “Arthur Murstein” at this or any other company in the taxi medallion financial industry.

Gordon Gossage is now creating people out of whole cloth.

Nor were there any insider sales at this taxi medallion financial company.  So that’s Lie #2.

But let’s be fair.  Perhaps Gordon Gossage was referring to a secondary offering of stock?  That would be Lie #3.  A secondary offering is not a “stock dump”.  It is an offering to the public market of part ownership of a company, and uses the capital to enhance the operations of the company.  NOBODY from management “dumped stock”.  The stock was issued from the company treasury.

Gordon Gossage is lying to you (Lie #4) when he says “The Big Taxi Players have made billions by abusing you and thousands of other stockholders.”

Gordon Gossage is also trying to cover over the lie that is HVM Capital, claiming he was really working for “Helge Capital d/b/a HVM Capital”.  Oh, I see! That was just a boo-boo that he has forgotten to mention FOR THE PAST SIX MONTHS.  Count that as Lie $5.

Of course there’s also a Lie #6.  Gossage claims he never told anybody to short this taxi medallion financial company’s stock!  Oh no!  He just told people to sell it if they held it.  I guess that’s why the first line of his initial report states, “The author is short [this company]”.
The reason for the lies is simple.  Gordon Gossage, James Hickman, and fellow conspirator Oleg Uritsky are in trouble on their short sale.  They shorted this taxi medallion financial company’s stock, as per my earlier report,  at $10.50.  They’ve had to make two dividend payments, meaning they are effectively short at about $10 per share, with another $0.25 dividend to be paid next month.

Desperation always reveals the truth.  More truths on these shady short sellers is forthcoming.

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