The ongoing saga of shady short seller of the taxi medallion financial industry, also known as the “Financial Felon of Connecticut“* by those aware of his Consent Order, took another turn.  We were contacted by members of a well-known immigration activist group that has taken issue with James Hickman’s unwarranted attacks on the taxi industry.

The group made us aware that 94% of NYC’s yellow taxi drivers are legal immigrants from over 175 countries.  More than 23% come from Bangladesh alone, with 13% coming from Pakistan, 9% from India, and 7% from Haiti.

“They’ve all come here to earn a piece of the American Dream,” said the group’s contact.  “Yet their very lives are being undermined by racist rhetoric from James Hickman.”

The activist group strives to support legal immigration, and claims that by undermining the taxi medallion financial industry, Hickman is quashing the dreams of those seeking a better life.  “What other motive could there be than his disdain for people from different countries? ”

Certainly one has to wonder what James Hickman has against all these immigrants that he peppers his commentary all over the internet, and lied when he said he was the Chief Investment Officer for the non-existent “HVM Capital”.  It’s a typical tactic by racists to avoid direct attacks on people of color, but to undermine their financial base, to chase them out of the country by attacking their businesses.

Also unsettling is that James Hickman’s sidekick in this farce is Gordon Gossage, who has made arguably anti-Semitic comments in his posts, and that the two are partnered in shorting a company run by Jews.

Is it possible that none of this is due to any conscious attitude towards those of other ethnicities?  Of course, although that’s hardly an excuse.  Unconscious or latent racism seems all the more insidious.  It is already a cynical and mercenary move to profit off the destruction of immigrant livelihoods.  That there is unconscious motivation to make those of other races suffer in the process is grim and very sad.

This is what we’ve come to expect from James Hickman, though.  He began his entire distasteful campaign with a broad-based lie that roped in major media, and continues to parlay it into a snowball of deceit, fuzzy math, and outright misrepresentation.


*(of course, neither I nor BloggerNews claim that Hickman has been arrested or convicted of any felony)

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