I get all sorts of emails, some are good, some are bad, and lots are just plain boring. Recently one of our writers Lawrence Meyers wrote an article, you can read it here. I have nothing to do with the Taxi business, regulate it, deregulate it, keep the Medallion system, dump the Medallion system, I have no axe to grind.

Occasionally I get to play referee. Usually it is some disgruntled person that wants an article removed because they feel slighted by the content. I always listen to the argument, indeed there are occasions where I do remove content. If the argument is sensible I remove the article. The same applies to comments. Inappropriate comments have a very short lifespan.

There is one thing that I hate about the internet and that is the anonymity factor. Anyone can be anyone.

So let me tell you a story. Lawrence Meyers has been a writer for BNN for many years. I like the guy, I can pick up the phone and talk to him any time I want. I know who he is and where he can be found. If he wants to write about Taxi Medallions I frankly do not care, if he started a series about the best way to tame a Chia Pet, it is fine with me.

Right now Larry seems to want to talk about the Taxi Medallion industry, that is just fine with me. What is not fine with me, is when I get dragged into the discussion. However I have been.

I like transparency, I do not hide behind a wall. So a comment was left on Larry’s article:

Equity Val said,

in June 4th, 2015 at 3:48 pm edit


An excellent article.

Jordan has his facts wrong. He offers stale assertions that are not longer supported by the facts, and it is his reputation that is at risk here.

Keep up the good work.

It seemed harmless, so we posted it.

As I said, I like to put the information out there, the comment was left by an email address equityval@yahoo.com from the IP address of

A couple of days later I received this email from someone that claims to be EquityVal@yahoo.com

Not only were my comments not posted as written, but my identity was assumed to post comments that were diametrically opposed to those I had made. I am requesting the following:


1) The comments made under my name on this post be deleted forthwith.

2) That you ban Larry Meyers from your site as I have strong reasons to believe that Larry is responsible for this misrepresentation of my identity and comments. Larry has been a staunch defender of the medallion industry and Medallion Capital in particular. I believe his is representing Medallion in some undisclosed capacity. That is all well and good and I happen to take an opposing view with regards to the company’s prospects. Reasonable people can disagree. However, one cannot misappropriate another person’s identity and be considered a credible commentator much less an ethical person. For this reason, I feel it is your duty to ban Larry from your site. His presence severely undermines the credibility of the site and everyone else who posts on it. He has already been banned from Seeking Alpha for his behavior there. I suggest you follow suit.


Equity Val

I have asked him/her/it to identify themselves, but needless to say I have not been successful.

I view this as a black mark. If you have nothing to hide why hide behind a curtain? If equityval@yahoo.com wants to come out of hiding, I would love to run a radio program to discuss the ins and outs of Taxi Medallions, I have no axe to grind, but I would love to talk about it. The big question is will the elusive EquityVal be willing to come out of the dark? My guess is no. It is easy to snipe at the opposition while you hide, it is far harder to be upfront and discuss the situation.

So, Equityval, do you have the guts for a discussion? Cowards run, real people stay and fight. Which are you?

Simon Barrett


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