In October I wrote a short article about Michael Odom. You can read it here. Apparently his problems with law enforcement are getting larger and larger.

I am sure that Picayune’s finest are really glad that he is no longer their problem. In 2011 he moved to Elizabethtown, KY. The exact reason why this born and bred Picayune resident would suddenly resign from the somewhat cushy job of Narco Cop in relatively sleepy town like Picayune, MS is unknown. Certainly there are a number of rumors that remain as nothing more that rumors. A popular one is that it was not an entirely voluntary decision. Actually there is some merit in this rumor, and that is backed up by Michael Odom himself.

Social Media is a dangerous place to play. Facebook is a quagmire, quicksand waiting to swallow you up. I went digging, and what I found was pretty interesting. Picayune is a small town with 20,000 residents, and I seriously doubt that there are two Michael Odoms aged 42 that went to Picayune High School, studied Criminal Justice at the University of Southern Mississippi and went on to become a Narco Cop in town. So I do feel that I have the right Michael Odom.

I rather like this profile picture:


Yup, that’s nice and professional!

The more interesting one is this (excuse the poor quality) one:


No doubts about it, this is the one and only Picayune Michael Odom.

The really interesting part though is the dialog that accompanies this picture.


I don’t think it requires a PhD in rocket science to get the drift.

Michael Odom’s problems in Kentucky started in early October, a domestic violence charge was brought against him for beating his wife up.

Odom, 42, of the 1900 block of Oriole Dr., in Elizabethtown, was charged with second degree assault and first degree wanton endangerment. These are non trivial charges. The maximum sentence being 15 years. Even though it was unlikely that he would get the maximum, I doubt that he would get warm welcome from the other inmates. A wife beating ex Narco Cop does not seem to be the resume to a peaceful life behind bars.

Recently the ante was raised. According to court documents filed in the Ninth Judicial District Hardin Circuit Court, Odom’s indictment filed on Nov. 30, states he now will be charged with criminal attempt to commit murder, first degree rape, second degree assault and tampering with physical evidence.

Tampering with Physical Evidence? This charge caught my attention. What could it possibly involve? It is a curious charge. The allegation is that after he had beaten and raped the victim, he made her clean up both herself and the apartment they lived in.

To the best of my knowledge Michael Odom remains out of jail at this time on a $50,000 cash only bond. Personally I think the bond should be revoked. Throw him in jail, and keep him there!

It might also be a good time for Picayune to open their files and take a long hard look at this man.

Simon Barrett

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