This idea is being floated by the Washington Post.The story does seem to be partially behind closed doors (as in Pay To Play). But if you can access it, there is some good reading. Front and center is Rick Santorum.

It is entirely possible. While he has all of the basic goods required by the Republican majority, hates gays, hates contraception, and hates abortion. All of this sounds great, but is Santorum a little over the top? Maybe just enough over the top to blow his chance at living in the best hotel in the nation for 4 years?

With his recent success’s Rick Santorum is rapidly becoming a real threat to Mitt Romney. You can bet your bottom dollar that Arizona, Mitchigan, and Super Tuesday are going to exceed all of our expectations for ugly TV ad’s. One has to wonder what was so wrong with proclaiming “vote for me, because I am going to make it better”? Instead we are knee deep in “Vote for me because I am not as bad as the other guy”.

The voters are getting fed up with the negative ads. In fact they could be a major factor next November for whoever holds the Republican mantle. It is easy to peer in the crystal ball and see Obama winning, merely from the fact that the Republicans have spent so much money in destroying their contenders.

It should be easy for the Obama PR weapon to drop delightful bombs on whoever makes it to the ballot. Romney has more money than he could count in his lifetime, but apparently his largesse does not expand to his pets. has been ripping up the internet. A quick check puts the site in second place on a simple search on the term Romney.

Rick Santorum has his own problems with which also scores very well on a basic search of Santorum on Google. One has to wonder, if he isn’t smart enough to deal with a internet issue, how can he possibly deal with running the country? One can only assume that if he does make it to the White House, his first mission will be to sign an executive order removing the site from the internet!

Even poor Newt is taking some online heat

So with all this negative press, one has to ask, why attack each other? I thought the bad guy was Obama?

Santorum has the lead in the polls right now. But I suspect that some well paid folks are looking at ways to knock him down on his Gay, Abortion and Contraceptive stance. It will be fun to watch. Bringing in personal views to the tussle for free room and board, is a double edged sword. Obviously Santorum is facing an uphill battle to get the Gay community on his side. He also faces a similar battle with almost everyone that is not a Roman Catholic because of his comments on contraception.

Romney no doubt has incurred the wrath of PETA, but who gives a damn?

All of these ‘would be’ presidents face a huge problem. They have been ripped apart by each other. It is my prediction that Obama will get a second bite of the apple, not because he is great at the job. The other bozo’s are too whacked out even for the Republican Party.

Simon Barrett     

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