by Craig Dimitri

Still more bad news for one of the most beleaguered incumbent Republicans, U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum.  A high-prestige independent poll now shows Democratic challenger Bob Casey, Jr. has considerably widened his lead.  In September, the Temple U./Philadelphia Inquirer poll showed Casey with a 49%-39% lead.  On Sunday, October 29, the same poll shows Casey with a 54%-38% lead over Santorum.

The poll is filled with ghastly numbers for the GOP incumbent.  Casey leads 52%-42% among men, and 57%-34% among women.  Perhaps most importantly, in the vote-rich southeast region of the state, Santorum is drowning in the polls.  He is from Pittsburgh, while Casey is from Scranton, and so the southeast (Philadelphia and its suburbs) is neutral territory.  But Casey is blowing him out in the five counties (the city and Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery Counties), by an astounding 56%-33% margin.  In 2000, Santorum carried all four suburban counties against Democratic challenger Ron Klink.  But this year, he will be hard-pressed to carry even Chester, the most Republican of the four.

The full results of the Temple U./Phila. Inquirer poll can be found at

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